Другая команда – другой результат
Innovative product in the market of technology in event management.
Pain. There were no sales from the distributor direction. In the partner direction, sales were made by the founder through personal acquaintances. The rest were small partners who didn't increase the percentage of sales much.
a) to connect faster and more partners to the network;
b) connect more distributors to increase the number of partners even faster.
Dived into the product, and assembled a whole new sales team. Generated account sales, and could identify strong sellers who were able to connect distributors.
The result.
Out of the 6 global distributors on the market, 2 were connected with our participation, then within 2 years, the strong salesmen we took on, connected all 6. So the number of customers grew by good sales. The references about the company stimulated the desire to partner.
Long story with a weak sales team. The owner who was making sales by himself lacked the resources to set a goal for the team and control the achievement of that goal. In fact, the company needed a good team leader, and a few good salespeople who could then hold the entire line of business entirely on their own, while the owner would handle the product development.