Холодным продажам – да
A company with a great background (more than 10 years on the market) is engaged in commodity direction, the portfolio has different partners, up to the latest implementers and large networks, which buy some product groups.
Pain. Every year it is more and more difficult to sell, the competition is growing, the managers begin to realize that the current sales department can not make cold calls, do not know how to do it, do not know how to attract potential customers. The number of new clients is catastrophically small, most of them are incoming, the rest are old partners.
Growth Points. Remaining part of the old team, which sabotaged the current implementation, and cold sales in the regions could not be realized to the end. The main potential was in the resources of weak internal recruiting, and there was virtually none. If we could have strengthened or rebuilt teams in those regions, the result would have been much better.
Objective. To audit the current sales department, create a separate team to handle the cold. The task arose because the current salespeople are good sellers, but they refuse to sell cold.
Solution. A good salesman knows how to sell cold, the question is in his motivation.
What was done:
Motivation was reassembled, the team was supplemented, in some regions the team was completely changed.
The result. We started to sell in the cold, the share of new clients began to grow.
Reflection. The restarted sales department works in different cities, but not in all. That is why in some regions the share of new clients has increased, but the most part of the team remained the same, with the old teammates, who did not modernize, wishing to save their high salary. :)